Why Knowing Current Market Color is Critical

March 31, 2022
General Markets

Before you buy or sell anything, you need to understand the pulse of the market, and that entails staying connected with the financial news. Afterall, you wouldn’t buy a home just because you saw a for-sale posting on Twitter, you would consult a realtor to make sure you were getting a good value and the home had the features you want. 

Similarly, you shouldn’t go blindly into buying stocks, either. You need to do some solid research beforehand so that you make a wise financial decision.

With stocks, the information about the market can seem overwhelming. There are seemingly countless companies with shares moving in different directions, and for different reasons, each day. The data set is enormous, and it’s one that no investor knows completely. However, the best investors take the extra steps of educating themselves regularly.

Find the Best Tools to Get Your Financial Information

You can take steps to help you understand the market movements more quickly and easily, even if you don’t have access to Wall Street analysts or the resources of a high-frequency hedge fund. There are a number of tools that can help you cut through the clutter, thanks to constantly improving technology that can simplify complex information and deliver what you need.

SHIFT Search is among the useful online resources for getting critical stock information quickly. For example, SHIFT Search was designed to help anyone to understand and contextualize what is happening in the options market of these stocks.

Understanding a stocks’ options trends can give investors critical information about the general interest in the stock. Like the stock market, the options market is in a state of constant change. Investors who stay on top of these changes and have up-to-date information can make wiser trading decisions.

With SHIFT Search, you can see at-a-glance some important key metrics about stock you are considering buying. For example, if you want to understand why meme stocks (which are stocks driven by social media mentions) are behaving the way they are, you must look at the flow. It shows the momentum of a stock and can help you determine when to buy and sell. 

Momentum, whether upward or downward, is how fast a stock or asset is changing price. When a stock has rapid momentum, it may be a sign you need to act fast to maximize your profit. 

Other Key Financial Data on SHIFT Search

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The best sources to stay on top of market trends are ones that can summarize detailed numeric information in a clear and readable way. On SHIFT Search, you can access a range of important financial information on specific stocks and broader market trends. 

Some investing information you may find unique to SHIFT Search includes suggestions for stocks to explore based on their calls and puts. Or, search stocks that are seeing notable volumes in call and put options. In an instant, you will be able to see the number of contracts, specific call and put volume and the total value of those contracts.

Finally, you can get a fresh round-up of top news stories about market movements from financial outlets like MarketWatch, CNBC, Bloomberg and more. Read summaries at a glance and determine if you’ll want to dive into the full version to help you stay informed.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your financial goals are or what investing strategy you follow, have a good sense of the current market trends is critical. Without a full understanding of what is happening — both in the financial news and with any stock you are considering buying, – you are more likely to make mistakes and perhaps suffer losses as a result. 

With the right information delivered in the right way, you can have a better chance of maximizing your profits toward your goals.

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